Car Wreckers Burwood

In this day and age of convenience and accessibility, there are still many who don’t know how to avail resources. We hope you’re not one of those!  Car Wreckers Burwood pay top cash for any vehicle on the spot, whether you have an scrap van or an old truck, we evaluate your vehicle price & remove your vehicle without any towing charge.

Auto Car Wreckers Burwood

If you are in possession of an old, scrap car would you let it sit in your garage? We definitely hope not. Because an unattended damaged auto is a potential hazard. Why wouldn’t you want to get rid of it anyway, when it can generate value. We also purchase all old model trucks for cash, thanks to our collaboration with truck wreckers Melbourne program.

Get an Estimate for any unwanted car by  Car Wreckers Burwood

Yes, an automobile, even a junk one at that can still earn you good cash. The local car wreckers and removals in your suburb buy old cars. They offer to pay you instant cash for it.

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Depending on the condition of your car, you can earn excellent cash that may go as high as $18,999.

Car Wreckers Burwood happens to be one of the most reliable wreckers. We offer totally old car removals in burwood. No matter what condition your car is in, we buy it. Our experts evaluate your car’s worth and pay you the exact amount or it. All you need to do is leave the following information

  1. Car’s make and model year
  2. Its age and mileage and
  3. Your contact details

Our team gets back instantly with an estimate. And as soon as you agree upon it, we pick it up. We come at your doorstep fully equipped on the day you decide.

Free Towing & Same day Removal by Car Wreckers Burwood

Our company is of those few auto wreckers that have no hidden or extra charges. We tow from anywhere in the suburb free of cost. We are fully equipped to tow all kinds of cars.

Whether they are heavy-duty trucks or completely crashed cars. We have all the right tools for handling.

We are very cautious when wrecking cars. The car wreckers carefully disassemble the car. And make sure to preserve and take inventory of all the working parts.

Wrecking yard Burwood - Auto car Wreckers


The following factors come into account when we evaluate your car. The worth of your car may drop or increase depending on the following

  • Re-modification and changing the original look of your car
  • Maintenance and number or repairs
  • Mileage

We at Car Wreckers Burwood  assess each part of the car individually and resell them. You can always find cheap car parts at our salvage yards. Our specialists make sure to file detailed reports for each of those. This makes it even easier for you to find the one that fits your requirement.

We can pay cash for any vehicle such as trucks, Vans or even Ute’s. Used Truck Wreckers pay top cash on the spot depending on the condition of the truck. No Towing Charge & get your truck removed on the same day.